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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  September 26, 2010 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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lead. josh's field goal attempt was stopped by daniels. fired up and into the locker room for the second half. donovan mcnabb deep and moss gets in there. and a horse collar penalty. the skins lead 16-14. rams would come back. kenneth darby is in for jackson. 12 yards for the touchdown caps a 12-yard seven play yard. and they were in for good 21- 17. the mid fourth quarter redskins down and to clayton. and hall fell. and 30 yards to set up the field goal. redskins fall to the rams 30- 16. st. louis wins for the first time at home in 15 tries dropping the redskins to 1-2. >> and you would like to come back in that second half. and i thought we did, initially. just similar to what we did a week before. we came out and the week before
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had a touchdown drive. this one obviously was stalled inside the ten but still got a field goal. but after that, you know, they really did the job. they played well. and we didn't step up and do what we needed to do to win a football game especially on the road. >> they did a great job mixing up their offensive plays which ate up a lot of clock. kind of put us behind the eight ball a little bit. but i thought in the first drive, notice second half, we were able to get down there and, you know, put ourselves into a position to score. again you are kicking field goals that is just not going to cut it. end up at the end just obviously coming back to haunt us. now running-back ryan terrain resigned to the practice squad made his season debut for the rams. no longer red skin running-back this year. he finished with 46 yards on seven carries. now, clinton porter had just as many carries as ryan terrain.
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seven. rushed for 44 yards. a season-long 27 coming on this second quarter rush. there is speculation that the head coach did not like the way he fell down without much contact on this run right here. he breaks it and then kind of just goes down. so he wasn't used much in the second half or fourth quarter. clinton, your thoughts? >> i'm not really surprised. but i think rams went out and had some big runs. he went and provided the big portability that they were looking for. so i guess he's a buy. >> we all talk to clinton. we talk all the time. the most important thing in this situation is just to continue to show support. we all have that confidence knowing when he gets back in there that he can create some big plays for us. when we return, how did the
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rest of the nfc east do? see if the redskins maybe got some good luck with a cowboy or eagle loss. that and more as we continue on sports extra.   . fox 5 morning news is now on at 4:25 every weekday morning. .
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. back. is is fox 5 sports extra.
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adding injury to insult was the hip injury. bidwell felt pain in his right hip prior to the game today during warmups. the same hip that kept him out of the entire 2009 season. graham punted in his absence an average 35 yards over five punts. pretty good. saints will know more about the injury tomorrow. with more on what else went wrong, here is lindsay murphy. >> reporter: so the all week long are redskins players preached not playing down to the level of their opponent. that's exactly what they did against the rams team that hadn't won at home since october 2008. >> we kind of expected oh, this is the rams, we will come in here and just beat them. but they are nfl team two. they get draft picks just like we do. and they prepare just like we did. we let them off the hook. >> reporter: the rams put up 14 points on the skins defense in the first quarter. from that point on it was an uphill battle. >> the defense just couldn't make a play. especially on third down. the third down situations where
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you would like to get them off the field. we didn't do that defensively. >> we beat ourselves. you know, we just didn't put ourselves in the game. we didn't take advantage of some opportunities. and that's what happened. >> this game took a two point lead early in the third quarter. but the rams with stephen jackson out of the game scored 16 unanswered points to hand the skins their 11th loss in 12 road games. >> really the first drive of the game, the first quarter of the game they hit us in the mouth. and we were caught off guard in recovery mode already. they flat out whooped us. we just got to come out there and get prepared and look at this film, man, and see where we went wrong. >> i knew all week it was going to be a big challenge for us. watching them on film, they play extremely hard. they get knocked down and keep coming back. they were very hard nosed football team. >> reporter: the redskins fall to 1-2 on the season. the rams win for just the second time in 29 games. in st. louis, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports.
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>> lindsay, thanks. only three teams since the start of the 1990 season have started season 0-3 and qualified for the post season. the 0-2 cowboys. didn't want to face those odds. today' opponents the 2-0 texans. the battle for texas supremacy. jones we don't want to start on three, do we? third quarter up looking for tony rom. williams five receptions for 117 yards. dallas was up 17-3. same score in the fourth. dallas keeps dominating. a huge sack on the day, one of four for the boys. now in the fourth 17-6 cowboys. romo to williams again. look out. 63 yards for the touch 3 down. cowboys back up their first win 27-13 is the final. everything is bigger in texas, you know. michael vick a winner in his first start since 2006 last week. looking for two in the row against the jaguars. by the way eagles and skins next week. mark your calendar on fox.
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vick jackson the former california bear 61 yards for the touchdown. one of three in the air for vick put the eagles up. philly up 21-3. he has wheels, too. 28-3 is your final. michael vick looks like the real deal in philly. the giants hosting the tennessee titans. first quarter giants trail 3-0. manning will get some pressure. he steps up and wings it into the end-zone. left-handed. and the titans tip it. and jason mccordy makes the interception. the giants are three turnovers on the day. third quarter titans down 12- 10. vince young connects with ken before this time for 23 yards. it new york drops to 1-3. browns and ravens. ray lewis makes his introduction. the homeowner versus the browns. first quarter they fell 13-7. and he throws to antoine
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boldin. 21 yards for the touch 3 down. they hook-up for three scores. boldin with three catches for 132 yards. the ravens defeat the browns to improve to 2-1. when we return, another way and another win that got away from donovan mcnabb with some perspective when we return.  we are united by a common purpose. but we come from different walks of life and different branches of service. you can trace our journeys in the lines on our faces, the curls of our smiles, and the joy in our eyes. and during those journeys, throughout our service and around the world, as we buy cars, finance homes d live our lives, navy federal is there. for over 75 years, they've been there.
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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. >> time now for a toyota redskins player of the week. first up santana moss. turning into donovan mcnabb's favorite target. the 22nd, 100-yard receiving game in his career. skins choice number two alexander, a big recovery on a fumble rams kick off return in the second quarter. our third nominee is tightened chris coolly. captain chaos with five receptions and 53 yards. if you want to vote, vote for the toyota player of the game. so the redskins fall to 1-2 thanks in large part to going 0- 3 in the red zone. one of the guys responsible for
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that gets our final word. >> it is very frustrating. very frustrating. we had a couple of good plays. but santana and coolly and some run plays and guys are picking up big yards from ryan and clinton. i mean, again, it is one that is obviously disturbing for us on the offensive side because we are much better than what we showed today. >> well, won't get any more scrutinized will it donovan because next up is philadelphia the eagles in philly. a 4:15 game on fox. people are already talking about it and marking it on their calendars to see what type of reception donovan mcnabb gets in the sister of brotherly love. where his brother michael vick is now the quarterback. have a great night. i will see you tomorrow.


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